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  • $34.99 New, Unopened

    Decks and strategies may come and go, but some cards are eternal! Duel Devastator is packed with 56 Ultra Rare cards that transcend individual strategies, headlined by spectacular new variant artwo... read more

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  • $19.99 New, Unopened

    Coming this holiday season, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Advent Calendar is here to honor the old-time tradition of counting down the days to Christmas, in a way fit for a Duelist! This year&rsq... read more

    2 In Stock
  • $7.99 New, Unopened

    A new wave crashes over the Dueling world! Rising Rampage Special Edition includes 3 booster packs of Rising Rampage, along with 2 (of 4) new Super Rare cards, including Marincess cards from the up... read more

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  • $64.99 New, Unopened

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  • $19.99 New, Unopened

    Modeled on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Gold Sarcophagus, each tin will include five Prismatic Secret Rare variant cards and three Mega-Packs featuring popular cards released in 2018.

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  • $2.99 New, Unopened

    15 In Stock
  • $64.99 New, Unopened

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game: Fists of the Gadgets will include the return of the popular monster theme The Brotherhood of the Fire Fist. The 60-card all-foil booster will introduce 11 new cards for... read more

    3 In Stock
  • $8.99 New, Unopened

    Outfit your dragonic arsenal with the latest technology in Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt! Varis’ (also known as Revolver in the Japanese anime) "Rokket" strategy from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS is buil... read more

    75 In Stock

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