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So now we have our fifth & final god in "Born of the Gods."

Phenax, God of Deception

Let's look at his stats:


P/T: 4/7

Limited: This guy is a superstar in Limited. As soon as this hits the battlefield, any creatures you control at the time it resolves, those creatures will begin to mill that much cards to their toughness.

So basically, you want a set of creatures w/ high toughness w/ low CMC so that you can survive the early game to be able to start hitting hard w/ the mill effect.

Constructed: If this guy is going to find a home in constructed format, your deck will be a control based deck. For its effect, I prefer to play Jace, Memory Adept for its mill effect.

In a control shell w/ Phenax, it will be near impossible to utilize its effect as suppose to Jace, Memory Adept. You will be able to uses its effect the moment it resolves.

So overall, he is a pick 1 in limited but not a card I wanna play w/ in constructed.

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