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V-EB15 -  Twinkle Melody Booster Box

V-EB15 - Twinkle Melody Booster Box

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Featuring exclusive new VR -Vanguard Rare- units drawn by well-known illustrators Tony and Takuya Fujima! Popular units such as "Olyvia", "Ange", and "Vert" return in this product! This product not only strengthens the "Riviere", "Coral", and "Pacifica" decks, but also the [Highlander] and [Melody] decks too! 1 piece of the RR Sentinel trigger "Glittery Baby, Lene" will appear in each display! Some units will be featured in their "Swimsuit" outfits, while some units will also have new illustrations featuring their original outfits! OCR -Original Costume Rare- will be randomly included!